The European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association (EHBEA*) is an interdisciplinary society that supports the activities of European researchers with an interest in evolutionary accounts of human cognition, behaviour and society. EHBEA organises annual European conferences and occasional workshops, and provides research funding. EHBEA aims to support work with a broad, pluralistic and interdisciplinary perspective. EHBEA encourages rigorous science, with strong theoretical foundations and integration across disciplines. *(pronounced ‘ee-bee’)

Committee Members 


EHBEA was established in 2008 following successful annual EHBE conferences dating back to 2006. See the EHBEA Constitution or the History of EHBEA for full details on the society.


2016-2019 Ruth Mace

2013-2016 Daniel Nettle

2010-2013 Robert Barton

2007-2010 Kevin Laland


Enquiries about EHBEA membership should be directed to Kris McCarty, EHBEA Treasurer ( Other enquiries may go to Dr Paula Sheppard, the EHBEA Secretary (

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