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Teacher and School Leader Professional Development

Teacher and school leader professional development

Educational research shows that teacher quality is strongly correlated with student achievement.
We have a long history of providing professional development opportunities to school leaders and teachers all over the world. Through courses, qualifications and support we equip them with the skills to understand and implement your curriculum successfully.

How we can help

Our close collaboration with Cambridge University's Faculty of Education ensures that the latest research underpins our professional development services. As well as developing teachers, our services also include specific training programmes for school leaders, improving their leadership skills to effectively support the development of their schools and their teachers.

We can provide programmes that are subject specific or generic and cover all phases of education, from primary to upper secondary.

Our programmes build professional and personal development skills, all of which lead to better learning and better outcomes for students.


Our approach

Our custom-designed programmes focus on improving standards of teaching and learning, through popular topics such as:

  • Effective lesson planning
  • Including STEM subject learning across the curriculum
  • Digital skills and effective digital pedagogy
Teaching and delivery
  • Making the most of teaching and learning materials
  • Developing an active learning approach in the classroom
  •  Teaching in multilingual classrooms
  • Inclusive teaching and learning
  • Assessing learners (including formative assessment)
  • How to give high-quality feedback


Alongside our programmes for school leaders and teachers we work with ministries to support policy development, build capacity and to translate policy into practice. Areas we can provide support include:

Assessment and system implementation
  • Assessment literacy within the system
  • Transitioning to new pedagogies including digital skills
Monitoring and evaluation
  • Monitoring and evaluation of professional development to measure impact
  • Benchmarking teacher knowledge and skills
  • Conducting needs analysis of schools, school leaders and teachers
Policy and practice
  • Reviewing current teacher development policy and practice
  • Consulting on teacher development
  • Building capacity for professional development
  • Teacher development impact studies
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Key benefits for you


World-class teaching and learning expertise built over decades of providing educational programmes all over the world

Impact Evaluation
Latest research

Latest educational research from the University underpinning our teaching and learning programmes

Aligned to you

Professional development programmes aligned to your unique context and cultural environment

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