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Stretchable Systems

Materials, Technologies and Applications

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  14 December 2021

Yogeenth Kumaresan
University of Glasgow
Nivasan Yogeswaran
University of Glasgow
Luigi G. Occhipinti
University of Cambridge
Ravinder Dahiya
University of Glasgow


Stretchable electronics is one of the transformative pillars of future flexible electronics. As a result, the research on new passive and active materials, novel designs, and engineering approaches has attracted significant interest. Recent studies have highlighted the importance of new approaches that enable the integration of high-performance materials, including, organic and inorganic compounds, carbon-based and layered materials, and composites to serve as conductors, semiconductors or insulators, with the ability to accommodate electronics on stretchable substrates. This Element presents a discussion about the strategies that have been developed for obtaining stretchable systems, with a focus on various stretchable geometries to achieve strain invariant electrical response, and summarises the recent advances in terms of material research, various integration techniques of high-performance electronics. In addition, some of the applications, challenges and opportunities associated with the development of stretchable electronics are discussed.
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Online ISBN: 9781108882330
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Print publication: 27 January 2022

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