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Experimental Studies Relating to Ship-beri-beri and Scurvy. II. On the Etiology of Scurvy

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  15 May 2009

Axel Holst
Professor of Hygiene.
Theodor Frölich
University of Christiania.
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(1) On the macroscopical alterations in the tissues of guinea-pigs which had been fed exclusively on bread, groats, and unpeeled grain.

By experimenting with the “one-sided” diets which were used in the experiments, mentioned in the foregoing paper on polyneuritis in poultry, we found that guinea-pigs also contract a disease, and that this disease is accompanied by very characteristic changes.

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page 643 note 4 We may add, that very many of our animals showed, when examined microscopically, an extensive degeneration of the axis-cylinders of the nerves without any degeneration of the myeline sheaths. This latter phenomenon proves, that the degeneration of the axiscylinders has occurred only a short time before death. The same degeneration also occurred frequently in the animals, which, as will be shown in the next section of this article, were fed on cabbage or fresh potatoes only. This degeneration, therefore, has no particular connection with scurvy.

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