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For K, an imaginary quadratic field with discriminant −DK, and associated quadratic Galois character χK, Kojima, Gritsenko and Krieg studied a Hermitian Maass lift of elliptic modular cusp forms of level DK and nebentypus χK via Hermitian Jacobi forms to Hermitian modular forms of level one for the unitary group U(2, 2) split over K. We generalize this (under certain conditions on K and p) to the case of p-oldforms of level pDK and character χK. To do this, we define an appropriate Hermitian Maass space for general level and prove that it is isomorphic to the space of special Hermitian Jacobi forms. We then show how to adapt this construction to lift a Hida family of modular forms to a p-adic analytic family of automorphic forms in the Maass space of level p.

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