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Anti-inflammatory effect of yoghurt in an experimental inflammatory bowel disease in mouse

  • Nadia Gobbato (a1), Mirta Rachid (a1) and Gabriela Perdigón (a1) (a2)


Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD; Crohn′s disease and ulcerative colitis) is the clinical outcome of three interactive pathogenic factors: genetic susceptibility, environmental triggers and immune dis-regulation. At present, only the immune response is targeted by most therapeutic or preventive strategies. The beneficial effect of yoghurt on health as well as its immunomodulator effect on the gut immune system is well documented. The aim of this work was to study the possible beneficial effects of yoghurt consumption on an experimental model of IBD in mice. Balb/c mice were fed with yoghurt for 10 consecutive days. At the end of the feeding period the mice received three inoculations of 2, 4, 6-trinitrobenzene sulphonic acid (TNBS) solutions once a week for 3 consecutive weeks. After TNBS instillation the mice received yoghurt again for 10 consecutive days. IBD control received only TNBS. After treatments we analysed the number of IgA–secreting cells, CD4+, CD8+ T cells population and the number of apoptotic cells in the large intestine. The number of erythrocytes and leucocytes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) was also determined. We demonstrated the antinflammatory effect of yoghurt in an experimental model of IBD induced by TNBS. The effect was mediated by an increase in the number of the IgA+cells, a decrease in CD8+ population and by the induction of apoptosis of the infiltrative cells in the large intestine.


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