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Susceptibility to Methylpentynol: Personality and Other Variables

  • Allen A. Bartholomew (a1) and Edward Marley (a1)


Susceptibility to drugs is a biological variable, and Clark (1933a) remarks that for organisms sufficiently large to permit measurement of individual dosage, the curves relating dose and incidence of effect are sigmoid and can be assumed to express the individual variation of the population. Some of the variables determining drug response include age, sex and body weight (Goodman and Gilman, 1955). Although a relation between personality and drug response has always been alleged, Kennedy (1957) alluded to the lack of work in this field.



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Susceptibility to Methylpentynol: Personality and Other Variables

  • Allen A. Bartholomew (a1) and Edward Marley (a1)


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Susceptibility to Methylpentynol: Personality and Other Variables

  • Allen A. Bartholomew (a1) and Edward Marley (a1)
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