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Numerical study of radiative opacity for carbon and aluminum plasmas produced by high power pulsed lasers

  • Mohammad Hossein Mahdieh (a1) and Sahar Hosseinzadeh (a1)


In this paper, the opacity of plasma in local thermodynamic equilibrium condition was investigated numerically. The plasma was assumed to be produced by interaction of high power pulse laser with carbon and aluminum. Spectrally resolved opacities under different plasma temperature and density conditions were calculated and radiative absorption due to three absorption mechanisms; inverse bremsstrahlung, photo-ionization, and line absorption in plasmas was studied numerically. The purpose of this study is to calculate the values of absorption for inverse bremsstrahlung and photo-ionization processes for aluminum and carbon plasmas and to compare them for those of cold matter. In this investigation, the influences of density and temperature on plasma absorption were evaluated. The calculation results show that the opacity strength strongly depends on the plasma temperature and density.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Mohammad Hossein Mahdieh, Department of Physics, Iran University of Science and Technology, Narmak, Tehran, Iran. E-mail:


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Numerical study of radiative opacity for carbon and aluminum plasmas produced by high power pulsed lasers

  • Mohammad Hossein Mahdieh (a1) and Sahar Hosseinzadeh (a1)


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