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Notes on the Indian swellshark, Cephaloscyllium silasi (Scyliorhinidae: Carcharhiniformes) from deep waters off the west coast of India

  • K.V. Akhilesh (a1), K.K. Bineesh (a1), S.S. Mishra (a2), U. Ganga (a1) and N.G.K. Pillai (a1)...

The Indian swellshark Cephaloscyllium silasi is a poorly known deep water scyliorhinid (Carcharhiniformes) shark described from the south-west coast of India (off Kollam). Since the original description, reports of this species are absent due to rarity of specimens. This paper presents the first report of its egg case and also provides detailed morphological data about C. silasi based on recently collected materials.

Corresponding author
Correspondence should be addressed to: K.V. Akhilesh, Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, PB No. 1603, Kochi-682 018, Kerala. India email:
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