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MEMS/NEMS based on mono-, nano-, and ultrananocrystalline diamond films

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  12 June 2014

Anirudha V. Sumant
Argonne National Laboratory, IL, USA;
Orlando Auciello
University of Texas at Dallas, USA;
Meiyong Liao
National Institute for Materials Science, Japan;
Oliver A. Williams
School of Physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University, UK;
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Diamond, because of its unique physical, chemical, and electrical properties and the feasibility of growing it in thin-film form, is an ideal choice as a material for the fabrication of reliable, long endurance, microelectromechanical/nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS). However, various practical challenges, including wafer-scale thickness uniformity, CMOS compatibility, surface micromachining, and, more importantly, controlling the internal stress of the diamond films, make this material more challenging for MEMS engineers. Recent advances in the growth of diamond films using chemical vapor deposition have changed this landscape since most technical hurdles have been overcome, enabling a new era of diamond-based MEMS and NEMS development. This article discusses a few examples of MEMS and NEMS devices that have been fabricated using mono-, nano-, and ultrananocrystalline diamond films as well as their performance.

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Copyright © Materials Research Society 2014 

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