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Nanoscale magnetometry with NV centers in diamond

  • Sungkun Hong (a1), Michael S. Grinolds (a2), Linh M. Pham (a3), David Le Sage (a4), Lan Luan (a5), Ronald L. Walsworth (a6) and Amir Yacoby (a7)...


Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) color centers in diamond are currently considered excellent solid-state magnetic field sensors. Their long coherence times at room temperature and their atomic size allow for achieving both high magnetic field sensitivity and nanoscale spatial resolution in ambient conditions. This article reviews recent progress in magnetic field imaging with NV centers. We focus on two topics: scanning probe techniques with single NV centers and their application in the imaging of nanoscale magnetic structures, as well as recent development of magnetometers with ensembles of NV centers, which image magnetic fields at micron-length scales with extremely high sensitivities.



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Nanoscale magnetometry with NV centers in diamond

  • Sungkun Hong (a1), Michael S. Grinolds (a2), Linh M. Pham (a3), David Le Sage (a4), Lan Luan (a5), Ronald L. Walsworth (a6) and Amir Yacoby (a7)...


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