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Photocarrier Excitation and Transport in Hyperdoped Planar Silicon Devices

  • Peter D. Persans (a1), Nathaniel E. Berry (a1), Daniel Recht (a2), David Hutchinson (a1), Aurore J. Said (a2), Jeffrey M. Warrender (a3), Hannah Peterson (a1) (a3), Anthony DiFranzo (a1), Christina McGahan (a1), Jessica Clark (a1), Will Cunningham (a1) and Michael J. Aziz (a2)...


We report an experimental study of photocarrier lifetime, transport, and excitation spectra in silicon-on-insulator doped with sulfur far above thermodynamic saturation. The spectral dependence of photocurrent in coplanar structures is consistent with photocarrier generation throughout the hyperdoped and undoped sub-layers, limited by collection of holes transported along the undoped layer. Holes photoexcited in the hyperdoped layer are able to diffuse to the undoped layer, implying (μτ) h ∼ 5 × 10−9 cm2/V. Although high absorptance of hyperdoped silicon is observed from 1200 to 2000 nm in transmission experiments, the number of collected electrons per absorbed photon is 10−4 of the above-bandgap response of the device, consistent with (μτ) e < 1 × 10−7cm2/V.



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