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Photoemission Study of the α-Sn/Cdte(110) Interface Growth

  • Ming Tang (a1), David W. Niles (a1), Isaac Hernández-Calderón (a2) and Hartmut Hóchst (a1)


Angular Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy with Synchrotron radiation has been used to study the MBE growth of α-Sn on CdTe(110). Sn grows epitaxially and the Fermi level pins at 0.72eV above the CdTe valence band maximum. Outdiffusion or segregation of Cd in the α-Sn layer is not observed. For small Sn coverages the Sn4d core spectra show a second component which may be due to the initial interfacial growth of SnTe.



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