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Brain Imaging and Treatment Response in Spasmodic Torticollis

  • J. A. O. Besson (a1), K. P. Ebmeier (a1), H. G. Gemmell (a2), P. F. Sharp (a2), M. McFadyen (a3) and F. W. Smith (a4)...


A patient with spasms of the neck, occurring when he turned his head to the left, responded to treatment with benzhexol. Cerebral blood flow imaging demonstrated reduced uptake in the right corpus striatum compared with the left. The study demonstrates the presence of an abnormality in the basal ganglia; it also illustrates response to drug treatment. Cerebral blood flow imaging may be useful in the detection of basal ganglia abnormalities in spasmodic torticollis and assist in the selection of cases which should be targeted for treatment with drugs.


Corresponding author

University of Aberdeen, Department of Mental Health, University Medical Buildings, Foresterhill, Aberdeen AB9 2ZD


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Brain Imaging and Treatment Response in Spasmodic Torticollis

  • J. A. O. Besson (a1), K. P. Ebmeier (a1), H. G. Gemmell (a2), P. F. Sharp (a2), M. McFadyen (a3) and F. W. Smith (a4)...
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