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Genetic cross-disorder analysis in psychiatry: from methodology to clinical utility

  • Dick Schijven (a1), Jan H. Veldink (a2) and Jurjen J. Luykx (a3)

Genome-wide association studies have uncovered hundreds of loci associated with psychiatric disorders. Cross-disorder studies are among the prime ramifications of such research. Here, we discuss the methodology of the most widespread methods and their clinical utility with regard to diagnosis, prediction, disease aetiology and treatment in psychiatry.

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Correspondence: Jurjen J. Luykx, Brain Center Rudolf Magnus, Universiteitsweg 100, 3584CG Utrecht, the Netherlands. Email:
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Genetic cross-disorder analysis in psychiatry: from methodology to clinical utility

  • Dick Schijven (a1), Jan H. Veldink (a2) and Jurjen J. Luykx (a3)
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