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Insight and psychosis: the next 30 years

  • Anthony S. David (a1)


Academic interest in the concept of insight in psychosis has increased markedly over the past 30 years, prompting this selective appraisal of the current state of the art. Considerable progress has been made in terms of measurement and confirming a number of clinical associations. More recently, the relationship between insight and involuntary treatment has been scrutinised more closely alongside the link between decision-making capacity and insight. Advances in the clinical and cognitive neurosciences have influenced conceptual development, particularly the field of ‘metacognition’. New therapies, including those that are psychologically and neurophysiologically based, are being tested as ways to enhance insight.


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Correspondence: Anthony S. David, UCL Institute of Mental Health, University College London, Maple House, Tottenham Court Road, London, WT1 7NF, UK. Email:


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Insight and psychosis: the next 30 years

  • Anthony S. David (a1)


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Insight and psychosis: the next 30 years

  • Anthony S. David (a1)
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