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Donor-acceptor heterojunction solar cells based on perylene dimide and perylene bisbenzimidazole*

  • S. Erten (a1), F. Meghdadi (a2), S. Gunes (a2), R. Koeppe (a2), N. S. Sariciftci (a2) and S. Icli (a1)...

We have fabricated heterojunction solar cells comprising active layers of perylene diimide (PDI) or perylene bisbenzimidazole (CONPER, conjugated perylene dye) as electron acceptor and ZnPC as donor. Bilayer solar cells were produced by successive evaporation of zinc phthalocyanine (ZnPC) and perylene diimide (PDI) or perylene bisbenzimidazole (CONPER) on glass substrates coated with indium doped tin oxide. Active layers with different thickness were evaporated. The bilayer cells were characterized under simulated AM 1.5 illumination (100 mW/cm2). The best results were obtained for the device structure of ITO/PEDOT/ZnPC (40 nm)/perylene bisbenzimidazole (60 nm)/Al (70 nm).

Corresponding author
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This paper has been presented at “ECHOS06”, Paris, 28–30 juin 2006.

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