In recognition of John T. Williams’ contribution to graduate training, the John T. Williams Award has been established for the best dissertation proposal in the area of political methodology.

Naijia Liu
Princeton University

"Essays on Model Selection and Honest Inference"

Selection committee: Xun Pang (Tsinghua University), Dean Knox (Princeton, recused) and Yiqing Xu (University of California, San Diego)

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Kevin McAlister
University of Michigan

"Roll Call Scaling in the U.S. Congress: Addressing the Deficiencies"

Selection committee: Xun Pang (Tsinghua, chair), Arthur Spirling (NYU), and Yiqing Xu (UCSD)

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Naoki Egami
Princeton University

Selection committee: Justin Grimmer (Chicago, chair), Matt Blackwell (Harvard) and Teppi Yamamoto (MIT)

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Dean Knox (MIT)

"Essays on Modeling and Causal Inference in Network Data"

Selection committee: Justin Grimmer (Chicago, chair), Matt Blackwell (Harvard) and Teppi Yamamoto (MIT)

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Drew Dimmery (New York University)

"Essays on Machine Learning and Causal Inference with Application to Nonprofits "

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Yiqing Xu (MIT)

"Causal Inference with Time-Series Cross-Section Data with Applications to Chinese Political Economy "

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Scott Cook
University of Pittsburgh

The Contagion of Crises: Estimating Models of Endogenous and Interdependent Rare Events

Adriana Crespo-Tenorio
Washington University in St. Louis

Three Papers on the Political Consequences of Oil Price Volatility

Matthew Blackwell
Harvard University

Essays in Political Methodology and American Politics

Teppei Yamamoto
Princeton University

Essays on Quantitative Methodology for Political Science

Xun Pang
Washington University in St. Louis

A Bayesian Probit Hierarchical Model with AR(p) Errors and Non-nested Clustering: Studying Sovereign Creditworthiness and Political Institutions.

Justin Grimmer
Harvard University

A Bayesian Hierarchical Topic Model for Political Texts: Measuring and Explaining Legislator's Express Agenda.

Arthur Spirling
University of Rochester

Bringing Intuition to Fruition: 'Turning Points' and 'Power' in Political Methodology

Roman Ivanchenko
The Ohio State University

Interactions Between the Supreme-Court and Congress: A Different Look at the Decision-Making Process.