The Society for Political Methodology Poster Award is given for the best poster presented at the annual summer Methodology Meeting of the previous year.

Student Posters:

Methods: Erin Rossiter (Washington University in St. Louis)
"Measuring Visual Messages: Political Violence and Computer Vision"
Selection Committee: Justin Esarey (chair, Rice University), Ines Levin (University of California, Irvine), Chris Lucas (Washington University in St. Louis)

Applications: Kelsey Shoub (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
“How Changing Frame Sets Alters Legislative Outcomes in Congress”
Selection committee: Mark Pickup ( Simon Fraser University), Alex Tahk (chair, University of Wisconsin-Madison), Michelle Torres (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Faculty Poster:
Erin Hartman (UCLA)
"Equivalence Based Falsification Tests for Regression Discontinuity Designs"
Selection Committee: Curt Signorino (chair, University of Rochester), Dan Hopkins (University of Pennsylvania), and Kim Twist (San Diego State University)

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Student Poster: Michelle Torres (Washington University in St. Louis)
"Measuring Visual Messages: Political Violence and Computer Vision"

Faculty Poster: John Jackson (University of Michigan)
"Correct Standard Errors with Clustered Data"

Selection committee: John Londregan (Chair, Princeton), Adam Berinsky (MIT), Dan Hopkins (Pennsylvania), Erin Hartman (UCLA), Melissa Sands (Harvard), Benjamin Lauderdale (LSE)

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Dana Higgins

Selection committee: Neal Beck (NYU, chair), Jeff Gill (American), Ines Levin (UC Irvine) and Sara Mitchell (Iowa)

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Anton Strezhnev

"A New Method for Estimating Treatment Effects under 'Truncation-by-Death'

Yuki Shirito

"Topical N-Gram Citation Model"

Selection committee: Erin Hartman (Princeton/UCLA), Richard Nielsen (MIT), Shana Gadarian (Syracuse), Karen Jusko (Stanford), Maya Sen (Harvard)

Dean Knox

"Identifying Peer Effects under Homophily with an Instrumental Variable: Patronage and Promotion in the Chinese Bureaucracy '

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Dorothy Kronick
Stanford University

"Ecological Inference with Vote-Share Data "

Felipe Nunes

"A Bayesian Two-part Latent Class Model for Longitudinal Government Expenditure Data: Assessing the Impact of Vertical Political Alliances and Vote Support.”

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Scott Abramson
Princeton University

"Production, Predation and the European State 1152-1789."

Brenton Kenkel
University of Rochester

"Logistic Regression Coefficients with Nonignorable Missing Outcomes."

Fernando Daniel (Danny) Hidalgo
University of California at Berkeley

"Digital Democracy: The Consequences of Electronic  Voting Technology in Brazil."

Benjamin Lauderdale
Princeton University

"Does Congress Represent Public Opinion As It Is, or As It Might Be?"

Benjamin Goodrich
Harvard University

"Bringing Rank-Minimization Back In."

Xun Pang
Washington University in St Louis

"Binary and Ordinal Time Series with AR(p) Errors: Bayesian Model Determination for Latent High-Order Markovian Processes."

Daniel Hopkins
Harvard University

"Flooded Communities: Using the Post-Katrina Migration as a Quasi-Experiment."

Aya Kachi
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

"The Empirical Implications of a Theoretical Model on Coalition Bargaining and Governmental Survival."

Jong Hee Park
Washington University in St Louis

"Modeling Structural Changes: Bayesian Estimation of Multiple Changepoint Models and State Space Models."

Michael Kellermann
Harvard University

"Bayesian estimation of ideal points in the British House of Commons using Early Day Motions."

Betsy Sinclair

"Is It Better to Be First or Last? The Ballot Order Effect."

Marisa Abrajano
New York University

"All Style and No Substance? Campaign Advertising for Anglos and Latinos in the U.S."

Gabriel Lenz

"Testing for Priming in Two-wave Panels: A Reanalysis of Three Studies Finds Little Evidence of Issue Opinion Priming and Some Evidence of Issue Opinion Change."

Hyeok Yong Kwon
Cornell University

"Has Economic Insecurity Produced Left-Wing Voters? A Markov Chain Approach."

Sona Nadenichek Golder
New York University

"Pre-Electoral Coalition Formation."

Sunshine Hillygus
Stanford University

"The Dynamics of Voter Decision-making in Election 2000."

Joshua D. Clinton
Stanford University

"Representation and the 106th Congress: Legislators’ Voting Behavior and their Geographic and Party Constituencies."

Jake Bowers
University of California, Berkeley

"Sample Design for Studying Congressional Elections."

Kevin Clarke
University of Michigan

"Testing Nonnested Models of the Democratic Peace."

Adam Berinsky
University of Michigan

"The Two Faces of Public Opinion."