Sixth Annual Conference - Thursday, March 22, 2018

In conjunction with the Association for Asian Studies conference in Washington, DC

We invite proposals for presentations at the meeting on all topics related to Early China (i.e., Han dynasty and before). Presentations will be 20 minutes in duration. Proposals are due 15 October 2017.

Please include in your proposal:

  • Your institutional affiliation, including your formal title (e.g., “Doctoral student,” “Assistant Professor,” “Professor Emerita,” etc.)
  • Your email address and institutional mailing address (Please put these in your proposal and do not expect us to take your email address from your message)
  • The title of your proposed presentation and a short abstract of 250 words

A list of evaluation criteria for proposals appears below. Remember that your topic should be suited to presentation in 20 minutes. Send your proposal in DOC format to the organizing committee at

If you are not a member of the SSEC, we urge you to join and help support the conference and other activities of the Society.

We look forward to seeing you in Washington D.C.!


The Organizing Committee for SSEC 2018

Proposal evaluation criteria:

Each year the organizing committee receives more proposals than our limited meeting time allows us to accept. The following are the criteria that the organizing committee applies when deciding which proposals to accept for presentation at the annual conference:

Membership in the Society: Recommended but not required at present. However, all else being equal, proposals from current members receive preference. 

Submission and formal aspects:

  • Punctual submission
  • Abstract within the stated word limit
  • Inclusion of full personal information, including institutional affiliation

Scope: Each proposal as submitted should be suited to a presentation of the length specified in the call for papers (15-20 minutes).

Professional status and location: We desire geographical diversity and want to include scholars located at large and small institutions both inside and outside the United States. We seek the participation of a variety of faculty members, from recent PhDs to senior scholars. While this forum is primarily for professionals, graduate students are also welcome to submit proposals.

Variety: We wish to have a group of presentations with a broad range of topics that represent the breadth of early China studies. We seek to have a different set of presenters every year and to avoid consistently selecting from a small group. For that reason, presenting two years in a row will be exceptional and presenting three years in a row will be impossible.

Suitability: Proposals should be suited to the conference in terms of topic, approach, and period (Han and before). Early China, the journal of the SSEC, is the standard for these judgments.

Credibility: Proposals should demonstrate sound research methods and use of legitimate sources.

Clarity: Proposals should be clear and easy to understand.

Significance: The significance of each proposal’s argument should be evident.

Interest: Each committee member will evaluate how interesting the proposals are in terms of topic and approach.