Annual Treasurer’s Report for the Society for the Study of Early China 2019 Submitted by C. A. Cook, Secretary/Treasurer (March 17, 2020) 

The society is in good shape. We began the year with approximately $36, 700 and ended the year with approximately $38, 400.  
Our major expenses were the annual meeting in Denver, which cost about $1340, and the costs of compiling the Annual Bibliography, Dissertation Abstracts, and checking the Chinese characters in the texts of the articles and Chinese abstracts, $5000. Lightening Source also charged us $36 for printing.    
Income comes from Lightening Source (monthly), JSTOR, and Cambridge University Press: about $9035.  
During 2019, we committed to revising Monograph no. 7. Projected costs are less than $3000 and will come due in 2020.  Since the annual meeting in 2020 was cancelled, there will be no expenses projected for it. Costs for compiling the bibliography and for Lightening Source should continue.  

Society for the Study of Early China 2019 Elections Results

Our thanks go to Scott Cook and Li Liu for serving two terms as members of the editorial board. As a result of the recent election, the editorial board now consists of: Crispin Williams, Charles Sanft, Miranda Brown, Erica Brindley, Michael Lüdke, Armin Selbitschka, Luke Habberstad, and Maria Khayutina. Constance Cook, who was serving an interim period as Treasurer/Secretary has now been elected to a full six-year term.

Editorial Board election

Khayutina. 34 responses: Yes (29); No (1); Abstain (4)
Selbitschka. 34 responses: Yes (30); No (0); Abstain (4)
Habberstad. 35 responses: Yes (32); No (2); Abstain (1)

Treasurer/Secretary election

Cook. 38 responses: Yes (36); Abstain (2)