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The aim of this series is to provide a focus for publishing textbooks in applied mathematics at the advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate level. It is planned that the books will be devoted to covering certain mathematical techniques and theories and exploring their applications. The main audience for the series will be in departments of applied mathematics, engineering science or physics. It is important to recognize that for students, clear and careful exposition and a sound pedagogic presentation are frequently more relevant than surveying and synthesising recent developments. Authors will be encouraged to supply plenty of worked examples and exercises, of varying degrees of difficulty, for the reader. Books in the series should provide a solid understanding of how a given method can usefully be applied to help solve problems in physics and engineering.

  • Editorial Boards: M. J. Ablowitz, University of Colorado, Boulder, S. H. Davis, Northwestern University, Illinois , E. J. Hinch, University of Cambridge, A. Iserles, University of Cambridge, J. Ockendon, University of Oxford, P. J. Olver, University of Minnesota