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View all COVID-19 related content here. Content on Cambridge Open Engage is early research and has not been peer reviewed prior to posting.
Cambridge Open Engage is the new early content platform from Cambridge University Press, designed to provide researchers with the space and resources to connect and collaborate with their communities, and rapidly disseminate early research. It is free to upload and read content.

Benefits for researchers

Explore Cambridge Open Engage to:
  • Find new peers working in your areas of interest
  • Discover early and non-traditional OA research
  • See new versions of research as it changes over time

Benefits for authors

Publish your pre-publication research on Cambridge Open Engage and benefit from:
  • Rapidly disseminate early research
  • Develop and share research with peers
  • Get analytics on early research outputs
  • Build an audience for research before formal publication

Benefits for partners

Societies, conferences, funders and research partners can partner with Cambridge Open Engage to:
  • Gain insights into trends and growth areas within areas of research focus
  • Add to value proposition for members/faculty
  • Get analytics across a range of early and open research outputs within their organization

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