Curriculum design and development

Designing and implementing an effective curriculum is a complex challenge that impacts every part of your education system. By analysing international curriculum frameworks, we have developed a detailed understanding of characteristics that exist within high-performing education systems as well as the importance of local context.

How we can help

We can establish the best curriculum design for your local context. 

By creating tailored teacher support materials and training programmes, we can ensure coherence across your education system.

We help your teachers feel confident in delivering the new curriculum in the best way for their students – we bring a wealth of data and research to support learner progression.


Our approach

We use a research-based approach to provide a high-quality curriculum review. Our starting point is to understand your aims and the specifics of your local context. 

We use that understanding, combined with our expertise, to help you make strategic decisions. We provide full support for implementation via comprehensive curriculum development documentation packages and teacher training programmes.

Taking this holistic approach, we consider the connections between subjects, teaching methods and all aspects of schooling that create a learner’s educational experience – to find the model of curriculum design and implementation that best fits with your institution.


Our curriculum design solutions can be:
  • Bespoke curriculum design by Cambridge 
  • Co-development of a curriculum by Cambridge and your staff 
  • Curriculum adaptation by Cambridge and your staff; revising an existing Cambridge curriculum to suit your local context. 

Whichever is the best route for you, we’ll work with you to ensure teachers are fully supported and trained to help them gain confidence when they start to teach the curriculum to their students.

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Key benefits to you



Research-based curriculum development informed by approaches from high-performing education systems and aligned to your unique context, aims and wider objectives


Full package

Full curriculum development package to ensure coherence between curriculum, teaching and learning resources, facilitating effective implementation

Progress line

Capacity development

Developing capacity by transferring our expert knowledge and skills adapted to your context

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