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Needs Analysis and Policy Recommendations

Needs analysis and policy recommendations

Investment in education is one of the most important you can make. You want to make sure it provides the best return for learners, their community, and the country.

How we can help

Research shows that a coherent overall view of system performance, informed by robust data, is essential to identify specific interventions that lead to impactful, sustainable improvement. We offer an effective framework for system-analysis that, combined with our diagnostic assessment capabilities, helps you identify the areas of intervention that will deliver the best return on your investment. 

What we offer

We provide a framework for system-analysis developed over the past decade through constant review of transnational research and practical development work with a range of governments. 

The framework is designed to support sound analysis of context and circumstance, and to enable evidence-based policy formation for educational improvement. 

Our methodology is based on the theory of curriculum coherence and the importance of alignment between the three pillars of education: curriculum; assessment; teaching and learning.

Full understanding of system relations and context, complemented with strong data, can guide highly targeted and specific action, and maximise the impact of effort and expenditure.

We can mobilise our diagnostic assessment capabilities to help you produce and analyse the data needed to inform effective strategic and financial planning of education transformation interventions.

Data informed system-analysis provides a basis for:

  • formulating policy options
  • assessing what interventions can and should be made, and likelihood of success
  • anticipating dependencies, interactions, and impact of externalities
  • monitoring and evaluating impact and formulating options for ‘fine tuning’ policy actions
  • determining actions on communication, intelligence gathering and consultation.

Key benefits for you


Policy review

Policy recommendations designed for positive impact, based on international evidence tailored to your context



World-class research combined with practical experience of what works on the ground

Progress Line

Capacity development

Developing capacity by transferring our expert knowledge and skills adapted to your context

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