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High-quality teaching and learning materials – textbooks, workbooks, teachers' guides, interactive digital or multimedia content – help turn the intentions of your curriculum into classroom teaching and remote learning.

How we can help

Teaching and learning materials deliver the curriculum content to the right depth, embed pedagogical models, cross curricular links, local contexts and national visions. They can save teachers time and free them up to focus on providing feedback, support where needed, and challenging the most able so students achieve their potential. Cambridge works with leading teachers, researchers, and content creators to produce teaching and learning materials that are trusted in classrooms in more than 170 countries around the world.

What we offer

Cambridge teaching and learning materials are designed with the student and teacher in mind. Their development is informed by evidence from transnational research and are written by leading experts. 

We produce teaching and learning materials for kindergarten, primary, and secondary phases of learning, across a wide range of subjects from Mathematics and Science to Business Studies and Visual Arts. We have developed materials in a wide range of languages, from Arabic to Xitsonga, embedding the same high-quality evidence-based approach to pedagogy.

We understand the critical role language of instruction plays in student learning. Our support for English language learning and English as a medium of instruction is underpinned by cutting-edge language usage research, supported by the Cambridge English Corpus. 

Teaching and learning materials are a key tool to support curriculum coherence and system alignment. When designing teaching and learning materials we consider your intended curriculum, your cultural context, and policy agenda. We also take into account the available classroom resources, teacher readiness, and key stakeholders who might be engaged with the education programme through the materials.

We recommend that teaching and learning materials are introduced through a programme of teacher training to accelerate impact in classrooms.

Key benefits for you



High-quality resources that support alignment between curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment and are designed around your context



Comprehensive support that can embed new pedagogical approaches consistently

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Capacity development

Capacity development supports ongoing ownership and maintenance of resources and intellectual property

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