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If you require further help or assistance not provided on this page, please click here for a more comprehensive FAQ guide.

  • What is Author Hub?

    Author Hub is the new home for Cambridge University Press book authors, replacing AuthorNet. Our dedicated, online platform provides everything you need to support you on your publishing journey with us – from idea to publication and beyond.

    As a prospective author, you can use Author Hub to find out all you need to know about publishing with us, including more information about our Academic, Cambridge English and Education areas.

  • What happened to AuthorNet?

    AuthorNet has been replaced in its entirety by Author Hub, offering new and improved functionality and an enhanced user experience.

  • How do I get an Author Hub account?

    Shortly after signing your contract you will receive an email inviting you to activate your Author Hub account. If you have not received this email please contact

    If you already have an Author Hub account and you are not able to login, please contact

  • How do I reset my password?

    To reset your password, please go to and click on the Forgotten password link at the bottom of the page.

  • How can I update my personal information?

    To change your personal information, please ensure you are logged in to Author Hub. Hover the cursor over your name and picture in the top right hand corner of the page. A drop down menu will appear. In the drop down menu, click View profile and you will be taken to a page to edit your profile.

  • How can I view sales figures?

    To view your sales figures you will need to access the Title Details located under the Published Titles tab. For each title, you will find a breakdown of the title sales since your last royalty statement, as well as a breakdown of the last five years. If you require any further assistance in viewing your sales figures, please contact Royalties at

  • How do I find out more information about royalties?

    Please visit our Royalty FAQs at for further information.

  • How do I view resources available to me?

    Once logged in to Author Hub, you will have access to a suite of publishing and marketing guides to support you through the publishing process and help you raise the profile of your work. To view these resources, click on the Resources tab at the top of the page.

  • Can I keep my favourite guides in an easy to reach place?

    When you find a resource that is useful to you, you can mark it as a favourite by clicking on the heart icon next to the title of the resource. These resources will then appear on your Dashboard.

  • How can I order books using my author discount?

    You can purchase all Cambridge print books using your 40% author discount in our new Author Hub online shop.*

    It's simple and quick, just log in to your Author Hub account and visit the My Discounts tab. From there you can purchase your own titles or any other Cambridge print title at your exclusive 40% author discount.

    *Online purchasing is currently only available in Europe and the Americas. For authors in other regions, please contact customer services using the details provided on the My Discounts page to place an order.

    As Cambridge University Press book author, you are entitled to 40% off all Cambridge print books. You may purchase up to a maximum of 20 copies of your own title, and a maximum of 1 copy per any other title, using this discount. If you would like to purchase quantities above this amount, please contact our Customer Services team who will be happy to assist you.

  • I am a journals contributor, can I use Author Hub?

    At this time Author Hub is only for book authors, however we hope to develop Author Hub in time so that we can also offer it to our journal contributors. You can view and download a wide range of Author Hub resources by visiting Cambridge Core

  • I am a book contributor, can I use Author Hub?

    At this time Author Hub is currently only available for authors who receive royalties for their book(s). However, you can click here to access the full suite of marketing resources.

  • What titles will appear in my 'Published titles' section?

    Please be advised that books will only appear in your Published titles section if you are entitled to royalties for them.

  • How do I update my bank details?

    Please contact the Royalties department ( if you would like to update your bank/payment details.

    The Royalties team will provide advice on how to send this information securely.

  • How can I order books using my author discount?

    To make a purchase using your author discount, login to your Author Hub account and select My Discounts from the Dashboard navigation bar. Enter the title or ISBN of the book you would like to purchase and complete the purchasing process.

  • Are there any marketing materials available through Author Hub?

    Through the Marketing Tools tab, you’ll be able to download an email signature banner and an image of your book cover you can use to help promote your book. We’re always looking to improve Author Hub and more features are always being added.

  • How can I access my book cover?

    Book covers can be accessed through the Marketing Tools tab on Author Hub. Both a large JPEG suitable for print and a smaller JPEG we recommend is used digitally are available for download.

  • Where can I see which conferences my book has been featured at?

    Under the Published Titles tab, select your book. Scroll down to Conference Appearances and you will find a list of academic conferences that your book has been, or will be, promoted at either in print or in promotional material. Please note this list may be subject to change.

  • How do I download discount flyers?

    Discount flyers can be downloaded under the Published titles tab. Click on the title you’d wish to make a flyer for and scroll down to download a copy. If no flyer currently exists, you can request a flyer be made up by clicking the “Request a new flyer” button.