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Please email one of our editors below if you would like to arrange a virtual meeting to discuss a new publishing idea.


Matt Lloyd

Dr Matt Lloyd
Books Publishing Director

I commission textbooks (undergraduate and graduate), practitioner references/handbooks, research-level volumes, and Elements (short book) series in all areas of Earth and environmental science, and environmental studies and policy.

I am particularly interested in new textbook proposals. Please contact me directly for guidelines on preparing a new book proposal. You can also meet me in person at numerous international conferences throughout the year. I would be delighted to help you with your new book project.

Susie Francis

Dr Susan Francis
Executive Publisher

I am interested in commissioning textbooks (undergraduate and graduate), monographs, edited volumes, professional references/handbooks and Elements series in all areas of Earth and environmental science, but particularly in geophysics, structural geology, petroleum/basin geology, sedimentology, mining geoscience, environmental and geotechnical engineering, geomorphology, hydrology, atmospheric/space physics and oceanography.

I am especially keen to receive proposals on multidisciplinary and cross-cutting topics where I believe high-quality book publications can play a critical role in breaking down silos and facilitating cross-fertilisation of ideas and methods between researchers from diverse fields.

I also have a keen interest in textbook publishing and developing our textbook program to meet the evolving needs of students and professors, especially with interactive e-learning materials.

Emma Kiddle

Dr Emma Kiddle
Books Commissioning Editor

I commission print and digital publications for Cambridge University Press’ world-renowned Earth science book programme. I have a keen interest in all areas of the Earth, environmental and planetary sciences, particularly in volcanology, my PhD speciality, and in mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, environmental chemistry, hydrology, environmental science and planetary science.

I am especially interested in receiving new textbook proposals for undergraduate and graduate courses to support developments in teaching, and in exploring new opportunities for open access and digital publishing, which are already changing the landscape of publishing and will only continue to do so more in the future.

I also commission practitioner handbooks, reference volumes, edited books and new series for our digital short book programme, Cambridge Elements.