G. M. HOMSY et al.
Multimedia Fluid Mechanics is now online!
The perfect complement to any course in Fluid Mechanics, this online product combines original content from the DVD with a new interface optimized for web and mobile. Simulations and videos have been remastered to run without plug-ins and the text is now MathJax-enabled for the best learning experience online.
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View an extensive media library of over 800 components
With dozens of interactive demonstrations and animations, 20 virtual labs and simulations, and nearly 1,000 videos, Multimedia Fluid Mechanics helps students understand the mathematics behind fluid flows through experimental and computational demonstrations across 8 key modules from Dynamics to Turbulence.
Modules available
Over 100 videos illustrating basic kinematic concepts such as streamlines and flows.
Learn about models of fluid flow via over 200 videos including interactive simulations and visualizations.
Interfacial Phenomena
Where fluids meet gives rise to fascinating phenomena, described and illustrated with nearly 200 videos.
Similarity & Scaling
Virtual labs explore the role of dimensionless quantities for understanding flows at a range of scales.
Boundary Layers
More experiments and videos give insight into concepts like drag and separation occurring at boundaries.
See how unstable flow arises at all scales, and learn about its consequences.
Control Volumes
The basic tool for modelling and simulating flows is progressively explored via clear illustrative videos.
The lives and achievements of main players who contributed towards our understanding of fluid mechanics
Sample media
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