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Archaeological Notes on a Midden at Point Sal

  • George F. Carter (a1)


Point Sal is 50 miles north of Santa Barbara, and represents a seaward projection of the Casmalia Hills. Two and a half miles inland from the sea, at an elevation of 1100 feet, there occurs a large flowing spring. On the bench below this spring there is an extensive shell midden of the general type described by D. B. Rogers for the area south of here. Excavation on this site was limited to four small test pits and to the removal of a group of burials from the upper level. The test pits showed a maximum depth of 10 feet near the center, and a thinning towards the edges. Three principal strata were observed, and will be designated as numbers I, II, III, numbering from the bottom up.

Stratum number I was two feet thick. It was of a brown color, of a clayey textured soil streaked with lime. Its shell and ash content was the lowest of the three. Stratum number II was grey colored.



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This paper was read at the meeting of the Pacific Division of the A.A.A. at San Diego, June 20-22, 1938. It embodies the results of work done while the author was an assistant curator at the San Diego Museum. It is published with the kind permission of Mr. Malcolm J. Rogers, curator of that museum.



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