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  • Editor: Lynn H. Gamble University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
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New to cambridge in 2017

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American Antiquity is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal and is considered the premier journal of North American archaeology, devoted to the archaeology of the New World, method and theory pertinent to the study of New World archaeology, and closely related subjects.


SAA – Cambridge Core Blog

  • Why do fewer women than men apply for grants after their PhD?
  • 24 September 2018, Lynne Goldstein
  • The Paper of the Month from the Society of American Archaeology is “WHY DO FEWER WOMEN THAN MEN APPLY FOR GRANTS AFTER THEIR PHDS” from the journal Why conduct a study about gender disparities in archaeological grant submissions?  Various studies have documented an increase in the proportion of women in academic archaeology among early and mid-career academics.…...

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