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Public and Private: The Late Medieval Wall Paintings of Haddon Hall Chapel, Derbyshire

  • Mellie Naydenova (a1)


This paper focuses on the mural scheme executed in Haddon Hall Chapel shortly after 1427 for Sir Richard Vernon. It argues that at that time the chapel was also being used as a parish church, and that the paintings were therefore both an expression of private devotion and a public statement. This is reflected in their subject matter, which combines themes associated with popular beliefs, the public persona of the Hall's owner and the Vernon family's personal devotions. The remarkable inventiveness and complexity of the iconography is matched by the exceptionally sophisticated style of the paintings. Attention is also given to part of the decoration previously thought to be contemporary with this fifteenth-century scheme but for which an early sixteenth-century date is now proposed on the basis of stylistic and other evidence.



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Public and Private: The Late Medieval Wall Paintings of Haddon Hall Chapel, Derbyshire

  • Mellie Naydenova (a1)


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