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Praxis Editorial Award

One of BJPsych Bulletin’s core aims is to be of educational value to psychiatry trainees and psychiatrists. The journal has established this prize to engage trainees and highlight Praxis, the trainees’ section launched in 2019.


The winning article will be published in the Praxis section of BJPsych Bulletin.



2021 Competition

We are excited to announce the topic for the 2021 Praxis Editorial Award competition: “Is the biopsychosocial model dead?” Please send us your entry by 31 January 2022. The result will be announced at the end of June/early July 2022. Do get in touch if you have any general questions or suggestions for future topics – email

Who can enter

Single authors only (no multiple authorship allowed). We encourage entries from medical students and all non-consultant grade doctors, including Specialty Doctors and Associate Specialists (SAS), Foundation, Core and Higher Trainees.

  1. Eligible trainees are invited to submit an editorial (opinion type piece) on a specific topic. The topic will be announced each year.
  2. The article should be the candidate’s own work (single author only) and must not have been published elsewhere.
  3. The article should be between 1000 – 1500 words, and should be written in an editorial or essay style. There should be no more than 10 references (in Vancouver style). Please include an unstructured summary of no more than 100 words in the article itself but do not include author details. We encourage authors to think creatively but articles should include opinion informed by existing literature.
  4. This prize is judged by a panel, however the article itself will not be peer-reviewed.
  5. No prize will be awarded, at the discretion of the judges, if a sufficient standard is not reached.
  6. The prize will be awarded annually at the RCPsych Congress.
  7. Entries should be sent by email to Please include in the body of your email (not in the article) author details for publication: name, current post and affiliation, and an email address.
  8. The winner must not divulge the result of the competition without prior agreement with the journal.
2020 Competition

The topic for 2020 was “Is climate change a mental health crisis?”

All entries were anonymised before being considered by the BJPsych Bulletin Editor-in-Chief and the BJPsych Bulletin Trainees' Section Editor. The criteria for shortlisting was based on originality, quality of writing, quality of argument and supporting evidence, and structure/organisation. We thank the judges for their care and invaluable help: psychoanalyst Anouchka Grose, Professor of Biology - Professor Alex Ford, and Higher Trainee in CAMHS and former sustainability scholar Dr. Katherine Kennet.

Read the winning article by Daniel Romeu: "Is climate change a mental health crisis?"

Dr Romeu's article will also appear in a special BJPsych Bulletin edition on climate and mental health due in August 2021.

2019 Competition

The topic for 2019 was "A day in the life of a psychiatrist in 2050". All entries were anonymised before being considered by the BJPsych Bulletin Editor in Chief and the BJPsych Bulletin Trainees' Section Editor. Based on originality, quality of writing, structure of argument and supportive evidence/referencing four top entries were sent to the judging panel.

We thank the judges for their invaluable help: Mr Simon Rose, Dr Kate Lovett, Dr Ian Hall and Dr Ross Runciman.

Read the winning entry by George Gillett published in the June 2020 issue: "A day in the life of a psychiatrist in 2050: where will the algorithm take us?"

Read more about the Praxis section here.