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A First-Century a.d. Burial Plot at Barnwood, Gloucestershire: Excavations in 2013–14

  • Tom Brindle (a1), Neil Holbrook (a1) and Daniel Sausins (a1)


Excavations at Barnwood, Gloucestershire, revealed several phases of activity dating to the a.d. 60s. This included gravel quarrying, with one quarry pit containing a significant assemblage of pottery, metalwork and glass with strong first-century military associations. A large roadside enclosure contained ditches and a post-hole alignment; these were replaced by a square burial plot containing a post-built structure and several pits, which yielded a lead ossuarium containing cremated human remains and a collection of burnt beans and hobnails. The location of the site raises questions regarding the organisation of the military landscape around Gloucester during the first century. The Supplementary Material available online ( contains full specialist reports and catalogues for the excavated artefacts and biological remains.



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