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British Catholic History
Continues Biographical Studies, 1534-1829 (1951 - 1956), Recusant History (1957 - 2014)
Title history
  • ISSN: 2055-7973 (Print), 2055-7981 (Online)
  • Editor: Dr Anne Dillon Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge, UK
  • Editorial board
Published for the Catholic Record Society. New to Cambridge from 2015 British Catholic History (BCH) (formerly titled Recusant History), is committed to serving as a forum for innovative, vibrant, transnational, inter-disciplinary scholarly research on the history of Catholicism in the British Isles. Current and archival content will be available online for the first time from 2015. BCH publishes original research articles, review articles and shorter reviews of works arising from the best research on all aspects of post-Reformation British Catholic history from 1558 up to the present day. Given the multi-faceted nature of British Catholic history research, it provides both readers and authors a uniquely interesting lens through which to examine British and Atlantic history.

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