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Biogeography of the Cinara cupressi complex (Hemiptera: Aphididae) on Cupressaceae, with description of a pest species introduced into Africa

  • G.W. Watson (a1), D.J. Voegtlin (a2), S.T. Murphy (a3) and R.G. Foottit (a4)

In recent decades, aphids identified as Cinara cupressi (Buckton) have seriously damaged commercial and ornamental plantings and native stands of Cupressus, Juniperus, Widdringtonia and other Cupressaceae in Africa, Italy, Jordan, Yemen, Mauritius and Colombia. Aphids currently identified as Cinara cupressiappear to belong to a species complex. This work was undertaken to identify the pest, its likely area of origin and any specific natural enemies, to facilitate a biological control programme. The biogeography of the species complex was studied using morphometric analysis of specimens from all the major regions where they have been collected, and analysis of host-plant ranges, parasitoid records and host association information. The cause of tree damage is shown to be an unnamed species, here described as C. (Cupressobium) cupressivora Watson & Voegtlin sp. n., which probably originated on Cupressus sempervirens in a region from eastern Greece to just south of the Caspian Sea. The remainder of the complex, Cinara cupressisensu lato, apparently consists of three morphologically similar species (C. sabinae(Gillette & Palmer) and C. cupressi (Buckton), probably originating in North America, and an unidentified species). There is insufficient data available to separate these taxa, or to determine the status of C. canadensis Hottes & Bradley, so C. sabinae and C. canadensis are left in synonymy under C. cupressi (Buckton). Lachniella tujae del Guercio and L. juniperi signata del Guercio, thought to be part of the C. cupressi complex, were found to be junior synonyms of C. tujafilina (del Guercio); these new synonymies are proposed and lectotypes of L. tujae and L. juniperi signataare designated.

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