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A guide to the identification of all stages of the Haemaphysalis ticks of South India

  • H. Trapido, M. G. R. Varma, P. K. Rajagopalan, K. R. P. Singh, M. J. Rebello and Virus Research Centre...

Investigations of the natural history of the virus of Kyasanur Forest disease since its discovery during 1957 in Shimoga District, Mysore State, south India have concentrated much attention on ticks of the genus Haemaphysalis in the region, as virus has repeatedly been isolated from them.

Keys are provided for larvae, nymphs and adults of both sexes of the 14 species of Haemaphysalis that have been taken in the area, with supplementary comments on six other species of the genus recorded, or likely to occur, elsewhere in south India. Illustrations are given showing the characters of the larvae and nymphs that are used in the keys.

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