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Revision of the subgenus Ceratitis (Ceratalaspis) Hancock (Diptera: Tephritidae)

  • M. De Meyer (a1)

The fruit fly genus Ceratitis (Diptera: Tephritidae) comprises several important pest species attacking a wide range of unrelated fruits. This is the second paper in a series revising this genus, and deals with representatives of the subgenus Ceratalaspis. Thirty-six species are recognized, of which five are described as new: C. sucinisp. n., C. hancockisp. n., C. neosticticasp. n., C. paradumetisp. n. and C. mlimaensissp. n.Ceratitis pycnanthi (Ghesquière) is considered to be synonymous with C. striatella Munro, and the possible synonymies of C. giffardi Bezzi and C. sarcocephali (Bezzi) with C. cosyra (Walker), as well as C. lineata (Hering) with C. striatella Munro are discussed. Lectotypes are designated for the following species: C. connexa (Bezzi), C. discussa Munro, C. divaricata (Munro), C. dumeti Munro, C. lentigera Munro, C. lunata Munro, C. marriotti Munro, C. melanopus (Hering), C. parinarii (Hering), C. quinaria (Bezzi), C. scaevolae (Munro), and C. simi Munro. A key is provided, with illustrations of mesonotal and wing patterns and shape of aculeus tip. All species are Afrotropical and most are restricted to the sub-saharan region, except for C. quinaria which is also known from the Middle East (Yemen). Distribution and known host plant data are given. Tentative species groups within the subgenus are discussed.

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