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  • Terry D. Galloway (a1), Glenn E. Haas (a2) and Allen H. Benton (a3)

George Holland's superb monograph on the fleas of Canada, Alaska and Greenland was published as Memoir of the Entomological Society of Canada No. 130 on 11 March 1985 (not in 1984 as indicated on the spine of the monograph). This work was immediately adopted by those of us working with the northern North American flea fauna. Because of George's lengthy illness, he was unable to correct galley proofs to his usual high standards. Unfortunately, George Holland passed away later in 1985, before he was able to address corrections to the monograph. What follows is a compilation of the errors that we have detected since the monograph was published. We have made no attempt to reinterpret Holland's taxonomic or biogeographical concepts, nor in any way change the meaning of the text. We have included additional references that pertain to the relevant geographic areas, either where Holland did not refer to them in the text, or which appeared subsequent to completion of the manuscript, up to and including year of publication (1985). The authors thank Agriculture Canada for financial support in the publication of this manuscript.

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