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Fabulous flower flies for famous fly fanatics (Diptera: Syrphidae). A tribute to the dipterists of the Canadian National Collection

  • F. Christian Thompson (a1)

Six new flower fly species are described: Blera chillcotti Thompson (Nepal), Sphiximorpha mcalpinei Thompson (Mexico), Psilota shewelli Thompson (Nepal), Rhopalosyrphus teskeyi Thompson (Argentina), Parasyrphus vockerothi Thompson (United States of America and Canada), and Lycopale woodi Thompson (Mexico). Keys are provided to the species of the genera Lycopale Hull and Rhopalosyrphus Giglio-Tos, the Nearctic species of Sphiximorpha Rondani, and the Oriental species of Blera Billberg and Psilota Meigen.

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