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Beyond the Kubler Index

  • D. D. Eberl (a1) and B. Velde (a2)


The value of peak width at half-height for the illite 001 XRD reflection is known as the Kubler index or the illite ‘crystallinity’ index. This measurement, which has been related to the degree of metamorphism of very low-grade, pelitic rocks, is a function of at least two crystal-chemical factors: (1) illite X-ray scattering domain size; and (2) illite structural distortions (especially swelling). Reynolds' NEWMOD computer program is used to construct a grid with which these two contributions to illite peak width can be determined independently from measurements of the 001 peak width at half-height and the Środoń intensity ratio. This method yields more information about changes undergone by illite during metamorphism than application of the Kubler index method alone.



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Beyond the Kubler Index

  • D. D. Eberl (a1) and B. Velde (a2)


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