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Characterization of clays from the Foumban region (west Cameroon) and evaluation for refractory brick manufacture

  • A. Pountouenchi (a1), D. Njoya (a1), A. Njoya (a2), D. Rabibisao (a3), J.R. Mache (a4), R.F. Yongue (a5), D. Njopwouo (a1), N. Fagel (a6), P. Pilate (a7) and L. Van Parys (a8)...


Three clayey materials named MY3, KK and KG originating from the Foumban region (west Cameroon) were analysed to determine their granulometry, plasticity, major-element chemistry and mineralogy. Dilatometric and ceramic behaviour were also investigated. Clays were shaped by uniaxial pressing in a steel mould. Shaped samples were heated at 1300, 1400 and 1500°C. The end products were characterized in terms of their density, porosity and compressive strength. Raw materials differ in terms of their mineralogical composition, grain-size distribution, Al2O3 content and the nature and abundance of impurities inducing specific thermal behaviour during dilatometric analysis and sintering tests. The final material properties may be related to the main features of the raw materials used.


Corresponding author


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This paper was originally presented during the session: ‘CZ-01 – Clays for ceramics’ of the International Clay Conference 2017.

Guest Associate Editor: Michele Dondi



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