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Under the Rubric

  • Legal Anomaly
  • 09 April 2018, Susanne Unger
  • Fahad Ahmad Bishara and Guo-Quan Seng in conversation

Behind the scenes

  • Deciphering Migrants’ Letters
  • 07 November 2018, Susanne Unger
  • Félix Krawatzek  and Gwendolyn Sasse reflect on the research that informed their essay, "Integration and Identities: The Effects of Time, Migrant Networks,...
  • Afterlives
  • 02 September 2018, Susanne Unger
  • How does one do scholarship in dialogue with the dead? After reading Chris Moffat's essay, "Politics and the Work of the Dead in Modern India," we thought he...

In Dialogue

  • ISSN: 0010-4175 (Print), 1475-2999 (Online)
  • Editors: Paul Christopher Johnson Anthropology and History, University of Michigan and Geneviève Zubrzycki Sociology, University of Michigan
  • Editorial board
Comparative Studies in Society and History (CSSH) is an international forum for new research and interpretation concerning problems of recurrent patterning and change in human societies through time and in the contemporary world. CSSH sets up a working alliance among specialists in all branches of the social sciences and humanities as a way of bringing together multidisciplinary research, cultural studies, and theory, especially in anthropology, history, political science, and sociology. Review articles and discussion bring readers in touch with current findings and issues.


  • August 2018
  • 01 August 2018, Susanne Unger
  • Congratulations to CSSH authors Nancy Farris; Mirjam Künkler.