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  • ISSN: 2753-2712 (Online)
  • Editors: Matthew A. Cook North Carolina Central University, USA, Kamran Ali UT Austin, USA, Michel Boivin CNRS-CEIAS, France, and Amina Yaqin University of Exeter, UK
  • Editorial board
Critical Pakistan Studies publishes primary source interpretive social science and humanities research that, in addition to Pakistan and Pakistanis, tackles broader interdisciplinary issues (e.g., colonialism, nationalism, integration, marginalization, devotion, institutionalization, vernacularism, cosmopolitanism, development, environment, popular culture, diaspora, gender, representation, and others). The journal’s interdisciplinary approach pushes beyond the nation-state, security, Islam, extremism, and other topics that narrowly define the study of Pakistan. It analyzes, discusses, and seeks to understand the varied and multilayered contexts that constitute Pakistan and its people (both past and present and in South Asia and the wider world).
Critical Pakistan Studies is published in partnership with the American Institute of Pakistan Studies.

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