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For every $p\in (0,\infty )$ we associate to every metric space $(X,d_{X})$ a numerical invariant $\mathfrak{X}_{p}(X)\in [0,\infty ]$ such that if $\mathfrak{X}_{p}(X)<\infty$ and a metric space $(Y,d_{Y})$ admits a bi-Lipschitz embedding into $X$ then also $\mathfrak{X}_{p}(Y)<\infty$ . We prove that if $p,q\in (2,\infty )$ satisfy $q then $\mathfrak{X}_{p}(L_{p})<\infty$ yet $\mathfrak{X}_{p}(L_{q})=\infty$ . Thus, our new bi-Lipschitz invariant certifies that $L_{q}$ does not admit a bi-Lipschitz embedding into $L_{p}$ when $2 . This completes the long-standing search for bi-Lipschitz invariants that serve as an obstruction to the embeddability of $L_{p}$ spaces into each other, the previously understood cases of which were metric notions of type and cotype, which however fail to certify the nonembeddability of $L_{q}$ into $L_{p}$ when $2 . Among the consequences of our results are new quantitative restrictions on the bi-Lipschitz embeddability into $L_{p}$ of snowflakes of $L_{q}$ and integer grids in $\ell _{q}^{n}$ , for $2 . As a byproduct of our investigations, we also obtain results on the geometry of the Schatten $p$ trace class $S_{p}$ that are new even in the linear setting.

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This is an Open Access article, distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution licence (, which permits unrestricted re-use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
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