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II.—Iguanodon Mantelli, Meyer1

  • Henry Woodward

In 1822, just sixty-three years ago, Mrs. Mantell found the first tooth of a new and remarkable reptile (afterwards known as Iguanodon), imbedded in a mass of coarse conglomerate, which had been brought as ‘road–metal’ from one of the quarries in the Wealden formation of Tilgate Forest.

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page 13 note 2 650 feet.

page 13 note 3 These old land surface-contours are now quite obliterated by deposits qi later date which fill up and conceal them, and, save in these deep gorges, the Wealden formation has been completely destroyed and removed by subsequent denudation.

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1 “Palæologica,” by Hermann von Meyer, 1832, 8vo. (Frankfort).

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