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I.—On the Vertical Range of the Graptolitic Types in Sweden

  • G. Linnarsson (a1)


Of the Swedish Graptolites up to this day but very little seems to be known in foreign countries. They merit, however, more attention than has hitherto been bestowed on them—chiefly perhaps because of the scantiness of the literature. The Graptolitic faunæ of Sweden have many analogies to those of other Silurian districts, and are therefore of great importance for the identification of the strata. An acquaintance with them is also required if one wishes to obtain a somewhat accurate knowledge of the vertical and horizontal range of the various types. A short account of them might therefore possibly have some interest even to an English geologist.



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page 243 note 1 Though I do not think that Mr. Hopkinson has correctly interpreted the structure of the species referred by him to the genus Dicellograptus, they seem to form a very natural and well-defined group.

page 243 note 2 I should, however, think that the Moffat series, as defined by English geologists, includes also beds equivalent to the lower portion of the Swedish Upper Graptolitic Schists, which is characterized by Rastrites peregrinus, Graptolithus lobifer, and sagittarius, Climacograptus teretiusculus and Diplograptus palmeus, while in the upper portion Graptolithus priodon and Retiolites Geinitzianus are the prevailing species. [Mr Charles Lapworth has shown that the Moffat series is divisible into distinct groups, characterized by distinct species of Graptolites.—H.A.N.]

page 244 note 1 Angelin has erroneously, though with some hesitation, parallelized the Leptœna Limestone of Daleearlia with the Brachiopod Schists of Westrogothia and Ostrogothia, and therefore included also the latter in his Regio Harparum.

I.—On the Vertical Range of the Graptolitic Types in Sweden

  • G. Linnarsson (a1)


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