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Metamorphic P–T conditions and retrograde path of high-pressure Barrovian metamorphic zones near Cairn Leuchan, Caledonian orogen, Scotland

  • K. AOKI (a1), B. F. WINDLEY (a2), S. MARUYAMA (a3) and S. OMORI (a4)


The metamorphic P–T conditions and associated relationships of the Barrovian zones near Glen Muick were re-examined by focusing on the petrology and thermodynamics of rocks at Cairn Leuchan, where garnetite lenses and layers occur in surrounding garnet amphibolite in the highest-grade sillimanite zone. The representative mineral assemblages in the garnet-rich lenses and garnet amphibolite are garnet + quartz + clinopyroxene + plagioclase + amphibole ± epidote, and garnet + amphibole + quartz + plagioclase ± clinopyroxene ± epidote, respectively. The chemical compositions of constituent minerals are the same in both garnetite and garnet amphibolite. The metamorphic P–T conditions of these rocks were estimated by thermodynamic calculations. The results show that the rocks underwent high-pressure granulite facies metamorphism at P = c. 1.2–1.4 GPa and T = c. 770–800°C followed by amphibolite facies metamorphism at P = c. 0.5–0.8 GPa and T = c. 580–700°C. Integration of our new results with previously published data suggests that the retrograde P–T trajectory of the highest-grade Barrovian metamorphic rocks marks a temperature decrease during decompression from a crustal depth of the high-pressure granulite facies, which is much deeper than previously considered.


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