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On the Late Precambrian–Early Cambrian Hartshill Formation of Warwickshire

  • M. D. Brasier (a1), R. A. Hewitt (a2) and C. J. Brasier (a1)

The Hartshill Formation (c. 270 m) consists largely of shallow-water feldspathic sandstones and greywackes lying unconformably on Precambrian (Vendian?) volcanic rocks and below shales with the first olenellid trilobites. Five members are recognized. The Park Hill Member is conglomeratic and arkosic near the base, passing up into green-grey megarippled quartzites with some thick shale bands. The Tuttle Hill Member is more shaly and glauconitic with conspicuous bioturbation. The Jee's Member is of distinctly cross-laminated glauconitic, feldspathic greywackes and shales with numerous trace fossils. Conglomerates, shales, sandstones, phosphorites and limestones comprise the Home Farm Member, withadiverse Tommotiantype shelly fauna and stromatolites near the top. Massive arkoses and greywackes of the Woodlands Member yield similar shelly fossils in calcareous beds at the base and top while the overlying Purley Shale yields the first Lower Cambrian trilobites.

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