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Lobate lac scale, Paratachardina pseudolobata (Hemiptera: Keriidae), in Hawaii's urban landscape: Hosts and management

  • Bishnu Prasad Bhandari (a1) and Zhiqiang Cheng

The lobate lac scale, Paratachardina pseudolobata Kondo & Gullan, is a recent insect invader to Hawaii that was first found in October 2012 on Oahu, Hawaii. It infests young branches of woody plants (usually less than 2 cm in diameter), forming a mass that appears as a dark crust, resulting in an unhealthy appearance, defoliation of leaves, and death of some plant species. This insect has infested many native and non-native plant species on Oahu, and the number of infested plant species is increasing. Our recent survey results, reported in this article, revealed 28 new host plant species in addition to 83 host species that we had reported previously, making 111 host plant species in Oahu's urban landscape. Efficacy and longevity of preventive treatment using the systemic insecticides imidacloprid and emamectin benzoate, delivered through trunk injection, against lobate lac scale on Chinese banyan, Ficus microcarpa, and curative treatment using imidacloprid on weeping banyan, Ficus benjamina, were evaluated. Forty-five Chinese banyans and 10 weeping banyans were included in this study. Our findings suggest that imidacloprid delivered via trunk injection is effective in preventing lobate lac scale infestation for at least 22 months post-treatment, and also in reducing lobate lac scale infestation curatively for at least 20 months post-treatment. This study provides an update on lobate lac scale's host species in Hawaii's urban landscape, and an effective preventive and curative management strategy against this pest.

Corresponding author
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Zhiqiang Cheng is co-first author.

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